Helping Veterans & Families

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Helping Veterans & Families

The Returned & Services League of Australia (RSL) provides care, advocacy and financial assistance to past and present servicemen and women of the Australian Defence Force. Our State Offices and Sub-branches are often the first point of contact and offer a wide range of support to members and their families. National initiatives include:

Caring for service personnel overseas – Australian Forces Overseas Fund (AFOF) provides packages to members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and Australian Federal Police (AFP) that are serving overseas at least twice a year. The packages contain a letter of appreciation and items to remind them of home such as ANZAC biscuits. Recently, AFOF donated more than $9,000 worth of instruments and equipment for lovers of music deployed to the Middle East.

Helping those wounded overseas – AFOF RSL Support packs are provided to any ADF member that is seriously wounded on overseas service. The pack is given to service personnel that require treatment at the NATO medical facilities in Germany and may require further hospitalisation back in Australia.

Supporting recovery at home – RSL, the RSL & Services Clubs Association and the Department of Defence jointly established Operation Care in 2010. The scheme provides up to one week’s rest and recuperation at sites throughout the country for selected Defence personnel and their immediate family. This support is given where the Defence member has been repatriated to Australia as a consequence of wounds received in combat operations.

Providing free legal services – RSL State and Territory branches can arrange access to free legal advice. Contact the branch near you

Ensuring entitlements meet needs – RSL has several Committees that identify priority matters that could impact veterans and/or their families such as changes to pay, housing and pensions. To read recent submissions made to Government please follow this link

Funding studies or educational materials – RSL runs a number of grant and scholarship programs that help veterans and their families all over the world. For more information please follow this link