RSL National Corporate Governance Statement

Statement from RSL National

An extraordinary meeting of the RSL National Board has moved to uphold public trust and confidence in the organisation.
The Board has unanimously agreed to commission an external investigation into the payment of consultancy fees by the independent company RSL LifeCare to members of the RSL NSW State Council.
The final terms of reference for the independent review are yet to be established but will encompass payments by RSL LifeCare commencing 2010.
The report’s recommendations will be made public.
RSL National will also establish a pecuniary interest register for the RSL National Board to ensure potential conflicts of interest (real or perceived) are publicly disclosed. The RSL in each state will also adopt its own pecuniary interest register.
In the interests of natural justice, and with the Board’s full support, RSL National President Rod White will retain his elected position while the review is conducted.
The resolution:
That in the interest of transparency and best practice corporate governance, the RSL National Board unanimously resolved at its meeting on 17 October to conduct an independent review of RSL LifeCare consultancy fees paid to members of the RSL NSW State Council over the past seven years.


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