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Australian Forces Overseas Fund

The Returned & Services League of Australia (RSL) manages the Australian Forces Overseas Fund (AFOF). The purpose of RSL AFOF is to provide care to those serving overseas and remind them that the thoughts of all Australians are with them, through what can be a difficult time.  RSL AFOF was formally established on 26 January 1966 at the Sydney Town Hall, amalgamating the earlier fund established by RSL NSW and the Lord Mayor’s Comfort Fund. The three major programs delivered by RSL AFOF are Care Packages, Support Packs and Operation Care.

RSL AFOF organises the delivery of care packages in the middle of the year and around Christmas, to Australian Defence (ADF)  and Australian Federal Police personnel, posted overseas. The work of RSL AFOF is assisted by the many donations received from Australians and corporate partners. Twice a year, volunteers from RSL State and Sub-Branches and civilians from ADF and Department of Veterans Affairs, join with service members of the Deployed Forces Support Unit (39th Battalion) at Randwick Barracks in NSW to pack parcels for shipment overseas.

Since 2010, RSL AFOF has worked through the Chief of Army to provide a Simpson Pack to soldiers injured on operations. The Simpson Pack contains items such as a track suit, t-shirt, shorts, cap, toiletries and a telephone card. RSL saw the need to provide a more extensive pack for those ADF members who are seriously wounded on overseas service and require longer periods of hospitalisation. The identification of this need led to the creation of the RSL Support Pack. This is an airline style cabin bag with a broader range of toiletries, clothing and other useful items to support a longer hospital stay. First at the NATO medical facilities in Germany and sometimes for another hospital stay when the member arrives back in Australia.

Operation Care is run in a partnership between two separate entities, RSL and the RSL & Service Clubs Association. The program provides up to one week’s rest and recuperation at sites throughout Australia for selected ADF personnel and their family. Those selected are service members that have been repatriated to Australia as a consequence of wounds received in combat operations. The aim of Operation Care is to assist these personnel and their immediate family, to recover from the physical scars incurred from combat, by providing the family some quality time together in a relaxing environment.

We appreciate all contributions to RSL AFOF including donations of time and/or money or items that can be put into the Care Packages. You can make a donation below that will go into the RSL AFOF account and will be used to deliver one of our programs. Thank you for helping RSL to support service members and their families that are deployed overseas.

  • Australian Government Department of Veterans' Affairs
    Today is the 50th anniversary of the Battles of Fire Support Bases Coral and Balmoral - Australia's longest and mostly costly battles of the Vietnam War.
    Watch today's commemorative service in Canberra below, and tune in to the Facebook page ...
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    What does an 84 year old Victoria Cross recipient have in common with one of Australia’s biggest media personalities, or one of Australia’s most successful businessmen? The answer is simply a great belief in and respect for all who serve ...
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  • RBLS Wick, Canisbay & Latheron Branch
    A superb and magical evening afloat by the kind grace of Steve Henderson RSL National, after a day of remembrance at the National War Memorial.
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  • Caithness RBLS group gets a warm welcome in Australia
    A GROUP of Caithness veterans honoured the casualties of war at an Anzac parade in the Australian town of Laurieton this week.
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    Bears to School ambassador Mandy Weidmann travelled to Pozieres to present a collection of Great War bears to the Mayor of Pozieres for the school that will be built shortly - a Franco-Australian school that ...
  • Anzac Bears
    Watch Alan Jones's passionate appeal on Sky News to donate a Great War bear to your local school. Alan Jones was joined on the program by Keith Payne VC, AM - National Ambassador, Bears to School program. To donate a ...
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    Live from Gallipoli in Turkey, livestream the Dawn Service as Australians and New Zealanders commemorate the 103rd anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli and honour the sacrifice of men and women in all forms of military service across the years.
  • ABC News
    Watch Anzac Day dawn services live around the country #AustraliaRemembers #Anzac100
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  • South West Rocks Country Club
    What an incredibly special day we had at the club today...With the visit from the Royal British Legion Scotland...the group included a 96 yr old WW2 veteran Richard Polanski; The Chairman of the RBLS Charlie Brown & Captain Richard Ottley ...
  • Anzac Bears
    Victoria Cross recipient calls for change in primary schools
    Keith Payne VC AM was interviewed today by Alan Jones on the Breakfast Show where he requested Australians to support Bears to School program by donating a bear to local primary ...
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    Northern beaches war hero Wal Williams, 95, tells his extraordinary story of survival after his ship was torpedoed in 1944. RSL LifeCare RSL New South Wales
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  • Hon Darren Chester MP Anzac Day Message 2018
    Hon Darren Chester MP n: 2018 ANZAC Day message.
  • WIN News Canberra
    A new initiative is being launched nation wide, in a bid to help school children engage with Australia's involvement in the Great War.
    The project uses cute teddy bears as a platform to tell the stories of our war heros ...
  • Bears to School :
    Meet Trooper Jones, Light Horse Bear
    Help engage school children to learn about Australia in the Great War.
  • RBLS Wick, Canisbay & Latheron Branch
    Looking forward to hosting our friends from the Royal British Legion Scotland.
    Australia is gearing up to Welcome our members. This will be a memorable event for all involved.
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  • Photos from RSL National's post
    Georgie Macris (RSL National CEO) with the 'Bears to School' ANZAC bears. Each with their own story to tell. Catch them on WINNEWS at 6pm tonight.
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  • Photos from RSL National's post
    After returning home from the Middle East with Forces Entertainment LT Albert Murray joins his new family at Red Hill Primary School as part of the 'Bears to Schools' program. He presented himself to Principal Louise Owens at this mornings ...
  • Photos from RSL National's post
    LT Albert Murray from the 'Bears to Schools' program
    reflects on his tour to Middle East with Forces Entertainment. Here he is tucked up in bed on night one – it was a very BIG day !
    Paying his respects ...
  • Photos from RSL National's post
    LT Albert Murray from the 'Bears to Schools' program
    touring the Middle East with Forces Entertainment. Here he is enjoying a coffee before boarding the plane with the tour group, getting his medical examination from a very helpful LACW Vicki ...
  • Photos from RSL National's post
    Congratulations to all involved in this mornings ANZAC and Peace Ceremony event at Eddison Park. Great to see the school children so engaged.
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  • Anzac Bears
    96 Great War bears donated to 55 local primary schools already. Every uniformed bear donated to schools is helping today’s children engage in our history and local charities support our veterans and their families. Donate a bear to your local ...
  • Anzac Bears
    Australia’s oldest living Victoria Cross recipient, Keith Payne, is urging people and businesses in every community to buy and donate a uniformed Great War teddy bear to local primary schools to help kids better connect to the stories and lessons ...
  • RSL National
    WARNING : The Facebook page The Australian Lest We Forget is a SCAM SITE. Not authorised by the trademark holders ADF, DVA and RSL. WARNING.
    Red Poppy Scarf:
    RSL National ...
  • Photos from RSL National's post
    Trooper Jones (Light Horse Bear) preparing to travel with the RSL National AFOF Care Packages to overseas serving military personnel. Look forward to seeing pictures of his adventures.
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  • Photos from RSL National's post
    Packing of RSL National AFOF Care Packages at 39th Operational Support Battalion. Great effort from all our volunteers, supporting overseas serving military personnel.
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