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Australian Forces Overseas Fund

The RSL Australian Forces Fund’s [AFOF] mission is to support Australian Defence Force and Australian Federal Police personnel deployed overseas.  The main focus of the Fund at the moment is to provide a package of mixed items reminiscent of Australia to those personnel twice a year; mid-year and at Christmas.

The History of the RSL Australian Forces Overseas Fund

The genesis of the Fund began in 1963 when the RSL began providing Christmas parcels to members of the Australian Army serving in Vietnam.  RSL AFOF was formally established on 26 January 1966 at the Sydney Town Hall, amalgamating the earlier fund established by RSL NSW and the Lord Mayor’s Comfort Fund.

Up until 1999, a relatively small number of parcels [300-400 per year] were distributed from the Fund, mainly to those deployed on peacekeeping detachments.  But the number increased substantially when the tempo of deployments of Australian troops soared due to our involvement in East Timor, which often resulted in over 3,000 parcels being dispatched every six months.


The work of RSL AFOF is assisted by many donations received from Australian suppliers and from ordinary Australians, who share our desire to continue this traditional support.  The packages are organised by RSL National and ‘bundled together’ at 39 Personnel Support Battalion [39PSB] Randwick by volunteers from local RSL Sub-Branches, ADF members and civilian staff of 39PSB, and staff from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs [DVA.]

AFOF prepares packages to send to deployed ADF personnel

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All donations to RSL AFOF are appreciated, whether they be of time and/or money.  Be assured your donation will go into the RSL AFOF account and be used to deliver one of our programs.

RSL Australian Forces Overseas Fund

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