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The Australian Flag

For information on how to purchase an Australia flag please follow this link
To learn more about the history and protocols for flying the Australian flag please follow this link


For information on how to wear medals or decorations please click here
To access information on Australia Defence Medals please follow this link
For the RSL protocols for wearing medals at events please click here RSL Medal Protocols.
To access the British Army WW1 Medal Rolls Index Cards: 1914-1922 please follow this link
To find information on New Zealand Defence Force medals please follow this link

Badges of Rank

A pictorial listing of the badges of rank for Army, Navy and Air Force can be found here Badges of Rank for Australian Defence Forces.

Accessing Service Records

To access service records please follow this link

RSL Funeral Services

To conduct a funeral service for an ex-service member that incorporates military traditions an outline of how to conduct an RSL funeral services can be found here Information on RSL Funeral Services.