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Talissa Papamau Was interviewed by RSL National CEO yesterday as part of a project leading up to their National Conference. The theme for which is 'Be a part of the change.'
It was a positive and rewarding experience and I am happy to play my small part in being a part of the change...
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7 News Brisbane This year more than 50 veterans have taken their own lives.
This year more than 50 veterans have taken their own lives. A Gold Coast family who lost their son say a Senate Inquiry into soldier's suicide is not enough.


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Timeline Photos The RSL welcomes the release of the Senate Reference Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Report -The Constant Battle: Suicide by Veterans Suicide.
RSL National Video News July 2017 : National CEO Georgie Macris with the RSL Bears RSL National Video Newsletter : July : RSL National CEO Georgie Macris and the RSL Bears.
RSL Bears, NSW, TAS & VIC State Congresses, South Australia, Invictus Games, Veterans Film Festival, RSL National Conference.
RSL Victoria https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1866733036980795&id=100009323510797
It has been a big week for Rob Webster. On Australia Day he received an OAM and today he becomes our 14th State President! Congratulations Dr Robert Webster OAM.
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Between 1946 and 1988, Australia had overseas military bases in Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. A new research project at Monash University, in partnership with Macquarie University and Nanyang Technological University, wants to hear from Australians who wwere residents in these communities - including members of the forces, their partners or spouses and children. Participants will be asked to complete a questionaire about their experiences, memories and opinions about this time in their lives. If you would like to express an interest in completing a questionaire, please go to artsonline.monash.edu.au/australias-asian-garrisons

Alternatively you can contact the project officer: Dr Jodie Boyd
jodie.boyd@monash.edu o9r telephone 03-9905 2182
Team Invictus - Australia Minister for Defence, Senator the Hon Minister Marise Payne, and Minister for Defence Personnel, the Hon Dan Tehan MP, today announced the 43 serving and former serving military personnel who will represent Australia at the 2017 #InvictusGames #aussieinvictus #IG17

SQNLDR Danny Jeffery
SQNLDR Paul McGinty
PLTOFF Nathan Parker
LAC Wade Roberts
LACW Melissa Roberts
PTE Danielle Close
LCPL Samantha Gould
CAPT Emma Kadziolka
SIG Kristin Lane
SGT Graeme Marshall
SPR Curtis McGrath
CPL Sonya Newman
PTE Christopher Rapson
SGT Peter Rudland
LCPL Gary Wilson
PO Latisha Baker
PO Ian McCracken
Peter Arbuckle
Davin Bretherton
Christopher Clark
Michael Collins
Tyrone Gawthorne
Michaela Gilewicz
Tim Grover
Craig Hancock
Jason Jinks
Heidi Joosten
Sean Lawler
Michael Lyddiard
Scott Maclean
Jason McNulty
David Neagle
Daniel Parker
Darren Robinson
Garry Robinson
Sarah Sliwka
Tony Sten
Stewart Sherman
Jamie Tanner
Sarah Watson
Jeff Wright
Donna Young
Richard Wassell
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Timeline Photos 2017 Invictus Games Team Announcement : Australian Parliament House.
RSL National Video News June 2017 RSL National Video News : June 2017 : Mr Robert Dick : RSL National President
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Team Invictus - Australia https://www.facebook.com/Team.Invictus.Australia/videos/1856336767959970/
Check out our new 2017 Australian Invictus Games promotional video! #aussieinvictus #invictusgames #IG17
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Churchill Official Trailer CHURCHILL follows Britain’s iconic Prime Minister Winston Churchill in the days before the D-Day landings in June 1944. As allied forces stand on the south coast of Britain, poised to invade Nazi-occupied Europe, they await Churchill’s decision on whether the invasion will actually move ahead
Only the unflinching support of Churchill’s brilliant, unflappable wife Clementine can halt the Prime Minister’s physical and mental collapse and help lead him to greatness.
In cinemas across the country from June 8th.
A ticking-clock thriller following Winston Churchill in the 24 hours before D-Day. Starring Brian Cox, Miranda Richardson & John Slattery. Directed by Jonath...
Timeline Photos RSL National President Robert Dick calls for the NSW State President John Haines and the NSW State Council to vacate office immediately or face new charges of bringing the league into disrepute.
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RSL National Video News May 2017 RSL National Video News : May 2017
Mr Robert Dick : RSL National President
2017 Anzac Awards

The National President of the Returned & Services League of Australia (RSL), Mr Robert Dick today congratulated The Rotary Club of Camberwell on being awarded the 2017 RSL ANZAC Peace Prize, and Mr Graeme Kernick, Mr Eric Giblett, Mr Nigel Allsopp, Mr Allan Scott, and Mr Steve Kyritsis OAM and the Glenelg Brass Band on being recognised for RSL ANZAC of the Year Awards. “The Rotary Club of Camberwell was selected by the RSL ANZAC Awards Committee for the award of the ANZAC Peace Prize in recognition of their inspirational secondary schools project the “Seeds of Peace” Program. The Program, together with the Seeds of Peace Book, is a motivational initiative designed to promote peace, engagement and awareness of the Centenary of ANZAC while it educates young Australians to become influential advocates for peace in their peer group and beyond”, Mr Dick said. The ANZAC Peace Prize is awarded by the RSL to recognise any outstanding effort by an Australian citizen who has promoted the concept of international understanding and who, in so doing, has made a contribution to world peace. “On behalf of the RSL National Board and Members of the RSL I also congratulate the 5 individuals and one organisation who have been selected for ANZAC of the Year Awards,” Mr Dick said. “They are exemplars of community service and an inspiration to all Australians.”
The ANZAC of the Year Awards are presented to recognise the efforts and achievements of up to seven Australians who have given service to their fellow Australians and to their community in a positive, selfless and compassionate manner. The 2017 recipients are:The Glenelg Brass Band of South Australia in recognition of their dedication and support of ANZAC commemorations in the wider Adelaide community for over 90 years. Mr Graeme Kernick of New South Wales in recognition of his long and dedicated service to the veteran and wider community of Forster-Tuncurry. Mr Eric Giblett of Western Australia in recognition of his tireless and selfless work as an advocate for the veteran community of Western Australia through the RSL, VVAA and SAS Association. Mr Nigel Allsopp of Queensland in recognition of his inspiring and dedicated commitment to the establishment of the Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation and its initiatives. Mr Allan Scott of Queensland in recognition of many years of dedicated service to the veteran and wider community of Innisfail. Mr Steve Kyritsis OAM of Victoria in recognition of his commitment to supporting veterans and the veteran community of Melbourne through the Hellenic RSL Sub-Branch, the Australian Hellenic Memorial Foundation, the Shrine of Remembrance and the Bayside Vietnam Veterans Memorial project.

For more information contact: Mr Robert Dick, National President on 0448 889 848
or Ms Georgie Macris, National CEO on 0427 253 392.
RSL National Video News April 2017 RSL National President News Update

RSL National President News Update April 2017
Photos from RSL National's post Invictus Games March Training Camp. ADFA. Wheelchair rugby. Very impressive.
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Yesterday, the RSL NSW State Councillors met in Sydney with RSL Acting National President Robert Dick to work through the details of a mediation proposal presented to the RSL NSW State Council early last week by the RSL National Board.

The proposal outlined several key resolutions to ensure the RSL NSW State branch continued to operate effectively whilst the independent Board of Enquiry (BoE) into RSL NSW State Branch was undertaken.

As a result of these discussions, the RSL NSW State Council has approved the proposed resolutions and as of the close of business 24th February 2017 has agreed to voluntarily stand aside from the NSW State Council for the duration of the BoE into the RSL NSW State Branch.

Because of these actions, the RSL National Board has agreed to dismiss the show cause proceedings against the RSL NSW State Council and to pass the evidence gathered to the BoE.

The RSL State President Mr John Haines will work closely with RSL National over the coming days to develop an operational plan to ensure the independent BoE is established and instigated as soon as possible.

The RSL NSW State Branch and RSL National will continue to
work with the Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission (ACNC), Office of Fair Trading, and other state and federal government agencies whilst they conduct their own investigations into RSL NSW State Branch.

The RSL will update the regulatory bodies and government agencies regularly on the findings and outcomes of the BoE as it progresses.

This has been a challenging time for all; we appreciate the patience and support demonstrated by the RSL NSW sub-branches and our valued members whilst the internal negotiations were undertaken.

We will update you on the status and timings of the establishment of the BoE as it progresses.

In the interim, please contact RSL National directly if you require any additional information on 02 6280 4079.
Timeline Photos On this day in 1964, HMAS Voyager sailed from Sydney to Jervis Bay for a series of post re-fit trials and exercises with HMAS Melbourne. A few nights later, on 10th February, the Melbourne was conducting night flying exercises off the coast of NSW when the ships collided and the Voyager was cut in two. Of the 314 men aboard HMAS Voyager, 82 died - 14 officers, 67 sailors and one civilian dock worker. The wreck of HMAS Voyager lies some 600 fathoms deep, 20 nautical miles off Cape Perpendicular on a bearing of 120 degrees. #lestweforget
Photos from RSL National's post Change is afoot at RSL Victoria with the retirement of Major General David McLachlan AO (Retd) after many years at the helm and the arrival of Dr Robert Webster OAM as new State President. Congratulations and thank you both for your service.
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Saluting Their Service Commemorative Grants Program You may have heard of the Commonwealth grants available for projects that preserve our wartime heritage and highlight the service and sacrifice of Australia’s servicemen and women.

Here's how your community can apply...
Australian Defence Force in the Middle East But what does the 'roo think?!
Ever wondered how we film our video shout-outs? Well, all great messages start with a great plan...
#YourADF #ADFonOps #AustraliaDay #Sweet #OpAccordionADF on Operations and Exercises Royal Australian Navy Australian Army Royal Australian Air Force Resolute Support Mission CJTF-OIR Combined Maritime Forces
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